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Day 250

I've been wanting to get this one drawn for a while. I dig the expression and attitude the subject is displaying and I believe I captured it well. This drawing is small, about 2.5" in height and done with a single pencil. I would have liked to add more dark tones in there but to save warping the paper I had to settle for a lighter grey. Either way, I'm pleased with it.

Day 246

Grabbed the pencils and vowed to myself that I would draw something that had variance of values. This is what I got:

Day 243

I've been asked to draw an image to be later gifted and I've yet to actually sit down and work it out. However, I thought I'd get my bearings for the image and doodles out this today.

Day 235

Broke out the pencils for this. I was surprised at how fast I scribbled this out, about 30 minutes. There were some values that I left out that would have provided for a lot more detail but that would have also provided for a longer draw time. One mistake that I've made while doing this 24 hour sketch is drawing all day. I did a lot of that during December and it kind of burned me out.

Day 231

I don't make a lot of statements. But I felt maybe I should draw about the walk on Congress for citizenship. This country was built on immigration. Let em have it. They can figure out how it's not so great once they're stuck here.

Day 226

This was an over achievement, but that's not a bad thing. Again, this is a negative drawn image. The smoke is a bit much. It needs to be more subtle / simple. I like the facial features. They aren't perfect but it works. I am definitely excited about drawing this way. And I thought drawing white on black was hard. After drawing this, which took about half an hour, my brain hurts. I love it!

Day 225

Another negative image. I'm diggin' how this turned out. It started out a regular google image search day and when I saw this is reminded me of the drawing I did before of the woman jumping with the chalk. I wouldn't be surprised if this is from the same photo shoot. I decided that the image had too much black in it and instead of doing a white charcoal on black paper I instead drew the white in the photo with pencil. After I was done with that I ran it through a negative filter and ran up the contrast.