24 February 2013

Day 186

Another stylus drawing using Adobe's IOS Ideas app. It's a still life of my cigarette pack. I chose to not put any typography as I'm not that good with the program yet, but I'm getting better. One thing I love about digital art is the undo and layer features.

20 February 2013

Day 182

Today is a still life of some glasses that sometimes have votive candles in them. No candles today. I drew this in Adobe Ideas again. I'm posting two drawings: the color one is the original and the b/w one I thought just turned out really cool and lucky for you I feel like sharing.

On another note: I have got to get back into the swing of it! I've been missing way too many days!

12 February 2013

Day 175

Damn! It's been too long since I picked up a pencil. I gave myself 20 minutes to draw this. I'm not sure why. I guess because it's late and I want to sleep.

07 February 2013

Day 170

Instead of drawing a landscape I zoomed in, found a blade of grass with some dew on it. I still don't think I've perfected the art of the blur but I'm getting better. The blade is less detailed than I originally planned for and the water droplets are more 2 dimensional. For a sketch it's good. I won't be posting this drawing anywhere else though. We'll see; I always end up liking my drawings more after I forget about drawing them.

05 February 2013

Day 168

I don't know what the hell I was trying to do today, but I like the texture of the hill.

04 February 2013

Day 167

Although I started this with the same intention as last night I spent some extra time on it to define certain areas and shade. I really like the different strokes I used to develop the different pieces of this scenery. And god, I wish this could have been one I actually drew outside beholding the grand ocean view from Smather's Beach.

Day 166

The objective tonight was rapid visualization. I didn't plan anything out, drew what I saw and conceptualized the landscape through my pencil jabs and erratic movements. For my style of drawing this works well. I have a hard time even wanting to plan ahead. It's great to be able to itemize. As such with this landscape: tree, water, mountains, bush, clouds, etc. It's not that I completely made the landscape my own but I had the freedom to put the pieces where I wanted them without worrying about whether it made spatial sense. One of there days I'll get outside and draw. I'm looking forward to it, but again, at the last minute, I used a photo.

02 February 2013

Day 165

So I discovered that when one decided to do landscapes, or cityscapes in this case, it's best to get the drawing in before sunset. Otherwise the scenery is harder to see. So I'll have to make sure I get these done early from here on out. This is from a photo again; I didn't have the luxury of going out on the town and drawing the city from across the lake. Also, first person who can figure out what's ironic about this picture gets a free viewing of tomorrow's sketch! I know, I'm too generous!

01 February 2013

Day 164

Landscapes/scenery will be this month's study. I really want to explore the organic and unforced aspects of form and shape. I also think that I won't fall short of ideas. This concentration of scenery came as an inspiration to me from another artist's words. It was on the topic of still life and how he would sit outside and draw what he saw. I've always thought it was pretty cool whenever I've seen an artist with their easel outside painting or drawing or what not. So I plan on doing a little more of that. This month will hopefully be less rendition of photography and more drawing of the real world, the landscape that is. Today's drawing, however, is from a photograph. I pulled in as much of the dark areas as possible and faded into the light to create a true contrast of the two.