31 August 2012

Day 10

Whoohoo! 10 whole days! Here's another view from above. I don't think I captured this one as well as some of the earlier ones, oh well. I had a friend once tell me, "it's all good if your drawings come out distorted, people are all different shapes and sizes." and how true is that! Takes all kinds but I'll tell you what, these poses are not trying to give me a break, seems like every single one of them has some different perspective. Tricky but good practice!

30 August 2012

Day 9

I just realized as I am posting this sketch looks very similar to Day 7, although it is different in some ways I kind of like the idea of producing similar sketches to juxtapose the technique used and the accuracy of drawing. Sounds fun, huh?!?!

29 August 2012

Day 8

First time bringing a face into the 24 hour sketch series and being that the face is one of my favorite things to draw I gladly welcomed it. I'll definitely have a running series of faces sometime in the future. I'm proud of this sketch, the lines, shading, and shaping came out great. I wanted to do a little more and maybe I'll allow that for future sketches. I'm still in the early stages of this challenge and don't want to burn myself out too quickly.

28 August 2012

Day 7

I enjoyed drawing this one. I especially enjoyed using the pencil I have at work. I think some time down the road I should practice with using different hardness but for right now the goal is technique. This one is very minimalistic but thats not on account of intention but rather I had absolutely no time to do this today. I probably spent a total of 10 minutes on this and for that I'm quite proud of how it turned out.

27 August 2012

Day 6

Too late. I'm tired and was thinking about this all day. Finally I got a moment and "etched" out this contorted figure. I'll admit, even in full concentration, a pose like this is difficult. When I'm tired and feeling rushed or anxious to get the sketch out for the day, it's impossible. Yet, here it is inly slightly skewed. This sketch is also a good indicator of what happens when only one pencil type is used, in this case very hard; I literally "etched" in the dark lines. I know better. I think I'll switch back to the softer "lead" tomorrow.

26 August 2012

Day 5

Down here at Barton Springs with my wife I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to take care of today's sketch but I couldn't see the screen on my phone very well in the sunlight to use any posemaniac reference. So as my wife lay reading her book, I quietly sketched out her beautiful physique. I could get used to this!

25 August 2012

Day 4

This is a very rough sketch, drawn very quickly. My concentration was not at all focused, and to be honest I didn't really feel like doing this today. But I had to stick with the program.

24 August 2012

Day 3

This one was tricky, I considered tilting the camera as I took the picture so to accentuate the perspective but that would be cheating. As no one but myself is currently checking this blog I would essentially be cheating myself. The feet look web-like but this is not a foot "sketch study". Though, I do plan on devoting some time in the future for that. The hardest part of this was the shading in conjunction with the muscle formation. The source image must have been taken with focused lighting as opposed to flood. But to make it so the muscles and shaded area were both clearly defined yet discernible from each other was tricky.

23 August 2012

Day 2

I'm getting this sketch in early as I began to feel myself get in a perfectionistic mode and I really want to maintain that these are sketches and are to be purely rough drafts. What I'm doing here is working with and emphasizing on the muscular buildup of the human body. And I'll stay with this study for a good while I think. As of right now I'm pulling my references from, but I plan on pulling from other sources as well. Some people have complaints with the camera angles used at posemaniacs but I feel the proportions are there. In my opinion, a difficult camera angle should be viewed as a challenge not a deterrent.

22 August 2012

Day 1

Started the sketch this morning and have been at it here and there for the past eight hours. The size is approximately 3"x4-7/8" which is what I anticipate most of my sketches will be that I post here. I haven't really established any rules yet, e.g. Type of medium, size of paper, whether the sketch really should span the whole 24 hours, etc. I kind of don't want to just yet. Anyway day one, done.