31 May 2013

Day 281

Continuation from yesterday. I didn't really complete it the way I wanted but I'm happy with it. I just didn't have the precision tools to produce those hard lines that I initially wanted. 

23 May 2013

Day 273

This was a simpler wave to draw and did not challenge me as much as yesterday's. I was able to merge the tones well enough to form the drawing. I was hoping to gain more detail but when I brought in the darker tones I abandoned that endeavor. In the end I just wanted it to look uniform and I think I accomplished that.

22 May 2013

Day 272

This wave was pretty tricky and I saw my artistic skills get sucked under. I'll rephrase that without trying to be witty: the limitations of my artistic ability were made clear to me. I think I may have tackled something that I wasn't ready for. And for that it's a great day here at the 24 Hour Sketch! I love when I can't even figure out how to simplify the drawing through some technique. For lack of education I don't know exactly what the techniques are called that I use but I might have tried them all. I even rolled up my very own tortillon thinking that might solve some of the issues I was having. I tried stippling at one point! (No pun intended) and with that bear with me! I'm gonna be witty again. As with all waves, proceeding one and preceded by another, there will be more to come. Waves that is. Seriously, I picked two pictures out the other day. I literally have another one right up my sleeve that I'm pretty sure I can't draw. Hold the laughter for the drawing…

20 May 2013

Day 270

What an accomplishment this blog would be if I had actually drawn for 270 consecutive days! I just want to take this moment for myself and feel proud in that thought. WOW! What an accomplishment!… it would have been. Let the consoling begin!
Anyway, this, I believe, is the first post to make it to the 24 hour sketch, and if not the first then one of the very few, to show just how small most of these drawings are. The lower right corner is stapled. So scale it in your mind accordingly.

Now would as good a time as any to express my dislike of this drawing. I do not like it. There, that's all. 

18 May 2013

Day 268

Here's another negative drawing. Nothing truly spectacular. I wanted it to be grander than what it is but just got impatient and rushed the sketch.

15 May 2013

Day 265

Once again it's been too long since I posted a drawing. This one was going to be part of my fabric study series back in January. So, it's been sitting in my phone since then and I decided to draw it today, actually I started it yesterday. If I could go back and work out one thing in this drawing it would be the hand.

Update: apparently I did draw this, check out Day 160. It's kind of cool comparing the two. The first was more focused on the dress.

08 May 2013

Day 257

I saw this picture and just had to draw it. That's all, oh and blogger mobile finally added bold italics! yay

06 May 2013

Day 256

Unfinished piece that I'm neither happy with nor unhappy with. Above all the unfinished aspects of this drawing it's the tones and blending that had I spent more time on would have produced something I'd like. So here it is.

03 May 2013

Day 253

I'm thinking if this were drawn at a bigger scale I could have pulled in more detail. When I say detail I mean the gradient of tones as dice don't really have much detail in the first place. The die in the background is meant to be slightly blurred and again if it were bigger that endeavor may have been better accomplished.

02 May 2013

Day 252

So this one is pretty obvious where I got my reference from (even though the two look nothing like the actors). But then again who the eff knows exactly what Romeo and Juliet looked like in the first place? To save face, I wasn't trying to make this photorealistic. I like the soft strokes and hard lines that I was able to extract and the stippling of "detail" turned out not so bad. The real focus I wanted to make clear are the hands.