22 May 2013

Day 272

This wave was pretty tricky and I saw my artistic skills get sucked under. I'll rephrase that without trying to be witty: the limitations of my artistic ability were made clear to me. I think I may have tackled something that I wasn't ready for. And for that it's a great day here at the 24 Hour Sketch! I love when I can't even figure out how to simplify the drawing through some technique. For lack of education I don't know exactly what the techniques are called that I use but I might have tried them all. I even rolled up my very own tortillon thinking that might solve some of the issues I was having. I tried stippling at one point! (No pun intended) and with that bear with me! I'm gonna be witty again. As with all waves, proceeding one and preceded by another, there will be more to come. Waves that is. Seriously, I picked two pictures out the other day. I literally have another one right up my sleeve that I'm pretty sure I can't draw. Hold the laughter for the drawing…