25 September 2012

Day 35

First off, it's an eye, with a seriously complex reflection showing up on the iris. The photo was amazing and unfortunately I was unable to capture the image. I do like the lower eyelashes, that stroke is a difficult one for me: towards and away. Overall I drew everything I saw but making lines and tones is not all that encompasses a drawing. For instance I could not for the life of me figure out how to translate the "wetness" of the eye. This amongst many other imperfections based on lack of know-how provided for a sketch that I feel, "eh" about. However I always like running my drawing through filters just to see what will come out and I found one that I really like. So today I'm posting two images. One, the drawing. And two, a soft filter version of it. I enjoy the filter much better, it's subtle, sort of, but adds so much of that "special something" I was trying to capture with just the pencil.