24 September 2012

Day 34

I started this one out the worst possible way. Before planning and sketching the basic form down for the entire drawing I started detailing. I was completely done with the head and working on the coat when I snapped out of it. My eyes, neck and brain were hurting. I was literally analyzing, lining up, making sense of and correcting the forms, tones and proportions...On The FLY!! I stopped for a second and reanalyzed what I was doing. I got back to business and staring planning out the rest of the drawing. I lightly sketched the remaining pieces of this puzzle I created to make sure everything was still in proportion and jived. As it turned out, I was riding a fine line with the potential of really uckin' this sketch up. After regrouping and mapping out the drawing the rest of the details came out easily. Lesson learned, everything needs a plan even if your winging it.