Day 133

The concentration this month will be clothing and/or fabric. All things textile. I need some practice on this and I think by the end of the month I'll be pumping out drawings of stitches faster than my wife can sew the real thing on her machine. Not that it's a race or anything. Here's my first one:

I didn't finish, but I think I've got a good start on it, though it just doesn't pop. Then again I spent a whole 14 minutes on it.


Anonymous said…
ooh! fabric studies! i love fabric studies! google images. fabric studies. here are some ideas: a pile of jeans either neatly folded or thrown on the table, tie a lightly colored bedsheet in a simple loose knot and draw that with natural light coming in through the window, thumb tack a pillow case to the wall so that it hangs in an almost "u" shape and draw that with natural light on it, sheets loosely thrown over a chair (with natural light from the side), photograph the figure (if friends and family are willing to go along with you) wrapped in bedsheets, photograph somebody with a sheet wrapped around the head, the fabric of a dress as it wraps around seated legs.
Heilman said…
Thanks for the tips man! I've already been running out of ideas as I'm sure you could guess by my later posts. I really need to find something more exciting than your average person dressed in average clothes. I found a new images of a sheet wrapped around a body that I'm a little scared of but they did pique my interest.

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