31 December 2012

Day 132

Drawing #4 in the series "Jo-Jo's drawing request for Joe".

It took me a while to logistically piece together the idea of this drawing. Joanna wanted a bear watching a bear on tv watching a bear on tv watching a bear on tv watching a bear on tv watching a bear taking a bath.

Now, though I live in the current day and acknowledge that flat screen TVs are the norm, I do not own a flat screen TV. I own a 1970's RCA TV with manual knobs. So, naturally when I started thinking about how to draw this I thought to myself, "How in the hell am I going to get that many TVs and bears in one drawing with out using a huge piece of paper." Then it struck me.

Being that we have an old TV with the color going out and every so often the picture turns to a green hue or just black and white we rarely use it unless we are watching a movie on VHS. We usually watch television shows or movies via Netflix, via the computer which has a flat panel screen. Huzzah! Flat panel televisions were the answer. This allowed me to visualize the drawing. I just couldn't fit that many tube television in my brain!

Now, that the drawing is complete I realize that the depth of the TV really didn't matter at all. As you can see, I could have drawn tube televisions and it would have worked out just fine. But it wasn't until I thought of the televisions as a single plane with minimal depth that I could actually fit them into my thoughts. Sounds strange when writing it, as I really don't know how else to explain it. All the same, it worked and turned out pretty cool.

Most of the drawing is free handed from my own imagination. I used reference photos only for the bears and in most cases had to visualize how the bears head would look from a different angle. The exact angle for the bear heads that I needed were harder to find than I anticipated.