01 November 2012

Day 72

I started this sketch out with a light sketch of the tripod. I wanted that as my base. I then formed the panda around and when I saw fit to add the boy in the chair I realized I needed to do some prep work. I needed projection lines and vanishing points. I've always been proud of myself for attending that day of art class back in grade school. So I did them in the best I knew how and the best I could remember only to find I had completely disregarded the already somewhat drawn panda w/ tripod. (Get yours today). To put in one way: I made them float . Physically speaking there was no possible way that tripod was going to stand upright on this plane I created. Instead of switching gear and drawing a falling panda I decided I had to do something about the legs of the tripod and chair. I think it worked out. But, the playing field of this drawing is still skewed.

I ran into all sorts of trouble when I drew the building too close. So naturally when I deviate far enough away from the reference I stop looking at it and start improvising. I am quite pleased with how the bricks of the "too close for spacial logistics building" turned out. I used a messier technique on the background buildings as I really needed to wrap this one up. I prefer the more detailed.

After a few variable swipes to blend and shade. I said, "Ok, that's it, I'm done." 

If you compare this drawing to it's sister drawing of a bear sitting at a table you might agree, things have definitely changed. That drawing was drawn with a draftsman pencil lead in a lead holder. This drawing by #2 pencil alone. That explains a lot of the technical difference but I do feel as though its coming easier and quicker as well. And since I brought up mediums and no one had interrupted me yet I'll say further, I really want to draw more with the set graphite pencils. Maybe this weekend I'll draw a bear doing some funny shit with those pencils. That way I can compare the difference of all three.

So I hope this drawing makes you smile a little, laugh, and just overall feel good.