Day 71

The last day of the "24 Hour Sketch - Halloween" series.

Let me put it this way, bigger is not always better. This is 8.5x11. Most of you 24 Hour Sketch "fanatics" may not know that the majority of the drawings here are on 2.5x4 sheets. Truthfully, I'm not too fond of this. Though some might say, "this is good." I'll agree but I can't shake one thing. It didn't turn out like I wanted it to. A lot of it was improvised and with that I'll let you figure out how this drawing is different from the photo. I wasn't trying to make it photo realistic so I don't really care that it's different. It's the way it's different that bugs me.

Anyhow, taking a photo of this was tricky. Graphite tends to reflect a lot of light, and this awesome yellow light in the room doesn't provide for a soft flood. I ended up taking the picture with no light, save for what sun was coming in through the window and over exposed it through filters. This provided for the softer look of the drawing and basically killed the detail.

Well, here they are, The Misfits. Have a safe and horrifying Halloween!


Anonymous said…
i have a similar problem photographing artwork. sometimes i place the drawing on the floor in a dark corner and photograph it, then fix the photo in the computer. but that usually creates a fuzzy photo. sometimes i have others hold a large dark colored bedsheet behind me as i photograph artwork that is shiny. this only allows light in from the sides and eliminates glare.

nice drawing, you have a good sense of value. the lights and darks work well together.
Unknown said…
Each time I see your work, it only gets better and better. You do have an amazing gift to see the value in your work. Great job!
Heilman said…
I'll try that blanket trick next time. Thanks for the tip.

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