Day 39

No, we're not pregnant, nor are we discussing it. This was just a cuter than cute photo, and I chose it for that reason alone. Well, my wife did ask a week or so ago, "Have you ever drawn a baby?" To which my reply was, "Nope." So, now I have. In fact a lot of the things I've been drawing here at the 24 Hour Sketch are new to me. Feels good!

So, here's a sketch to warm your insides as the days are getting colder.

I'll admit, I made the mistake of drawing on off-white paper. So to bring this handsome duo into the light I ran it through an exposure and contrast filter. It's my artwork, I'll run through as many goddamn filters as I want.


Anonymous said…
enjoy this time to draw before you have children. i rarely get to draw like i used to and when i do i have to stop every 5 minutes or so to deal with the little ones. if i wait til they go to bed i am too tired to draw. enjoy it now. then, in the future, enjoy your children.

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