Day 38

If there are any artists, or non-artists that know technique, out there that know how to draw a blur, please let me know how this can be accomplished. I can't seem to figure it out. This one was drawn quick, down and dirty. There are practically no truly defined lines, save a few here and there. The semblance of any line really in my opinion is more of a sweep, but a line non the less, I suppose. Though this drawing was done quickly with no no intention of developing any specific technique I serendipitously discovered a couple. The landscape for one, which was done in a similar fashion to my normal technique, was altered slightly to a wisping motion with varying pressure and vector. The other technique I discovered will go mostly undisclosed for now until I fully realize it. All I'll say is I might have a great idea for putting those white lines on white paper.


Anonymous said…
i would have to look at the reference photo to really domment about drawing blurs. i would think to successfully draw blurry images, one would have to spend a long time on the drawing. layering values to create a soft edge would be where i would start drawing a blur. that is how i get soft shadows on my forms. you can try making some parts of your drawing photorealistic, then the softer parts will look blurry when compared to the harder parts. also, pencil might not be best for drawing blurs. try charcoal. you can smear it better.
Anonymous said…
comment not domment

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