28 September 2012

Day 38

If there are any artists, or non-artists that know technique, out there that know how to draw a blur, please let me know how this can be accomplished. I can't seem to figure it out. This one was drawn quick, down and dirty. There are practically no truly defined lines, save a few here and there. The semblance of any line really in my opinion is more of a sweep, but a line non the less, I suppose. Though this drawing was done quickly with no no intention of developing any specific technique I serendipitously discovered a couple. The landscape for one, which was done in a similar fashion to my normal technique, was altered slightly to a wisping motion with varying pressure and vector. The other technique I discovered will go mostly undisclosed for now until I fully realize it. All I'll say is I might have a great idea for putting those white lines on white paper.