19 January 2013

Day 151

It's coming together. Not sure how or when. Maybe last night's drawing was a break through. I had fun with this one again. And I didn't play around with the original. This drawing looks pretty damn close. I ran through four layers and the last one was the trickiest. I started out with a 2B and got the dark spots with light shading around the fades. Then I used the HB to smooth out the transition (fades) between light and dark. Then I moved to the 6B for the really dark crevices. Once that was complete I took a picture in case I happened to ruin it. The fourth layer was the smudge stick. Usually I love smudging but for some reason it wasn't working out so well for me. I really had to move with the contours more so then ever. You can see down near the bottom where it got a little messy (the really dark blob). But in the end I compared the pre-smudged drawing to the smudged and liked what happened.