09 January 2013

Day 141

I love it when I feel uninspired to draw, start out just going through the motions and end up with something that I look at when finished and say, "How the hell did I accomplish that?". Such is the case with this one. Though, I do not like the hand. This is okay as hands are not the concentration this month. The ripped jeans and specifically just the rip itself looks great. It's funny, rarely do I get so into "copy mode" that I do not actually see what I'm drawing. In this case I did not see that the right leg (your left) is actually lifted, bent at the knee. This accounts for the crease in the jeans on one side and none on the other as her weight is shifted. It also sort of explains the shape of the hand. I just think it's amazing that I drew it with out realizing it. As I said, I was going through the motion tonight.