Day 117

This is a request from my wife. When I started this drawing I saw shapes and shadow and that is how I am drawing it. I form the objects in the drawing through shading. The key, for me, with this technique is to move rapidly through the drawing changing my pencils just as fast. I put a light tone in and follow it up with a darker one. Precision is only relevant to the general location of objects in the photo and if they fall elsewhere I just work it in somehow.

I like using this style as it gives me freedom from lines which I sort of hate. Not entirely but I try to use them as little as possible. And that being said, all that's missing from this drawing is a row of buildings which I will texturize, for lack of better word, by means of a similar technique. I should be using some projection lines but I'm not. In the end I may or may not scan the drawing for areas that I feel need more emphasis and detail them up (with lines). So lines inevitably may find a place in this drawing after all. Little bastards.


Anonymous said…
it looks like a memory. as things go back in the distance, they get lighter. just like how the passage of time makes details of memories fade. your technique of using values and shapes instead of lines is excellent. also, developing your darks in layers is a good technique. your methodology shows artistic maturity.

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