Day 109

I wasn't able to capture this glass vase as well as I have captured glass in the past entries of the 24 hour sketch. It's not symmetrical which really bugs me and it's kind of boring. Whatever, keeping up with the practice is what counts, but I'm feeling the need for structure. Not only have many people been talking to me about this but it seems I'm being pulled towards articles and webpages that stress the importance of focused drawing. The new year may bring an entirely new concept to the 24 hour sketch. I'd really like to do focused practice on a lot of things. I think I might do a month at a time study of specific subject matter. That may vary depending on the subject. My ideas as of today are faces, anatomy, inanimate objects, and landscape. So here opens the poles: what would you viewers like to see first for January? Feel free to suggest your own ideas as well. I think there's something like 2 of you out there so we'll flip a coin in the event of a tie.


Anonymous said…
this is a topic about becoming a better artist. while it is good to show that you are competent in different aspects of art, it is also adventageous to show that you can focus one one thing and explore different aspects of that one topic as well. people who flitter from one object to another don't conquer a topic or idea to its fullest. they only experience it in a superficial way. it works the other way as well. people that only know how to draw one thing and never try other things don't grow artistically either. i liked how at the beginning of your journey you focused on the human form and anatomy. i also liked how in the month of october you focused on horror movies - that was fun. if the signs are pointing towards this direction, don't ignore them. follow them and see where they lead. also, you have started a journey in which you don't know where the finish line is. that is the fun part of a journey like this. you can change paths anytime you want. one path can inspire other paths to form. you may end up at the end of the journey and wonder "how the heck did i get here?!?!"

my suggestion for a focus (in AP art we call it a "concentration") is you draw what you are intersted in. what interests you? sports? architecture? science fiction? animals? machines? transportation? weird stuff? what kinds of art do you like? find an artist you like and copy some of their pictures and then try doing your own thing in the style of the artist. after a while that artist becomes a part of you whether you are trying to be like him or not. look back at your old drawings. is there a drawing that you liked that you think you could have done better? try it again or find another photo of the same object and draw that. then find other pictures of the same object and then it becomes a concentration, where you are exploring different aspects of one thing.

one more suggestion (and i don't know if you have time for it): draw from your own references. and don't just look through old vacation photos and say "i think i'll draw that." take your own photos with the intention that they will be used for a reference for a drawing. take your own pictures of objects (this will help you develop your own compositional awareness and knowledge - vital for the artist). if all you do is draw from other people's photos, then you are just a copy machine. yes, some level of copying helps us to develop our technical abilities, but limits our imagination and creativity. make artistic decisions before your pencil first touches the artwork. set up a still life and photograph it from many different angles. choose the best and most interesting photo and then edit it in the computer (a photo editing program like photoshop or windows photo editor). then use the photo for a drawing. photograph the outside of a building, an interesting angle of the car, a chair from an unusual viewpoint, your hand with interesting lighting, whatever. but make it yours from beginning to end. it will make you a better artist. then, after a while, alter your references, change them, be creative and different.

one last suggestion: if you decide to focus on one thing for a month, take breaks from it, like weekends or fridays or something. you can have an "anything can happen friday drawing." or "free draw friday". that will help keep you from burning out of an idea too quickly.

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