08 December 2012

Day 109

I wasn't able to capture this glass vase as well as I have captured glass in the past entries of the 24 hour sketch. It's not symmetrical which really bugs me and it's kind of boring. Whatever, keeping up with the practice is what counts, but I'm feeling the need for structure. Not only have many people been talking to me about this but it seems I'm being pulled towards articles and webpages that stress the importance of focused drawing. The new year may bring an entirely new concept to the 24 hour sketch. I'd really like to do focused practice on a lot of things. I think I might do a month at a time study of specific subject matter. That may vary depending on the subject. My ideas as of today are faces, anatomy, inanimate objects, and landscape. So here opens the poles: what would you viewers like to see first for January? Feel free to suggest your own ideas as well. I think there's something like 2 of you out there so we'll flip a coin in the event of a tie.