03 December 2012

Day 104

Today marks a huge milestone for the 24 hour sketch. First, I drew on black paper and it came out good, damn good. Second, I tapped back into a medium that I haven't used for well over 6 years, charcoal. Third, I amazed myself and respired myself. One thing about charcoal (at least in the way I use it, maybe it's unanimous or maybe other artists have a different experience) is that initially the drawing looks horrid, but there comes a point when I use charcoal that it comes together. I can visually see the drawing take form and morph right before me. It's a cool feeling. Partially why I stopped using charcoal is due to the fact that I wasn't producing anything I really liked and that "Holy, mother of god" experience wasn't happening. I'm glad that I felt it again. Fourth, the reference I used had been stewing around for a while in my mind. This is another one of those drawings that I have attempted before and just crumpled it up and drew something simpler. As before I didn't want to do the same and in my opinion, I didn't.

So, I guess you won't be seeing another charcoal from me for another 6 years!