Day 104

Today marks a huge milestone for the 24 hour sketch. First, I drew on black paper and it came out good, damn good. Second, I tapped back into a medium that I haven't used for well over 6 years, charcoal. Third, I amazed myself and respired myself. One thing about charcoal (at least in the way I use it, maybe it's unanimous or maybe other artists have a different experience) is that initially the drawing looks horrid, but there comes a point when I use charcoal that it comes together. I can visually see the drawing take form and morph right before me. It's a cool feeling. Partially why I stopped using charcoal is due to the fact that I wasn't producing anything I really liked and that "Holy, mother of god" experience wasn't happening. I'm glad that I felt it again. Fourth, the reference I used had been stewing around for a while in my mind. This is another one of those drawings that I have attempted before and just crumpled it up and drew something simpler. As before I didn't want to do the same and in my opinion, I didn't.

So, I guess you won't be seeing another charcoal from me for another 6 years!


Anonymous said…
this is a powerful drawing and it looks great - i can really feel the strength in those hands. this is one of your best ones yet. it has a strong sense of value, realism and emotion. when those 3 things combine together well, it creates a good artwork.

charcoal is a difficult medium. all during art school i never produced a charcoal drawing that i liked. that was in the days before the internet and the only other charcoal drawings i had seen were those of other students who were struggling like i was. it wasn't until a couple of years ago that i became interested in charcoal and it was one particular website that inspired me. check out and look at the galleries. once i saw what charcoal was truly capable of i tried it again and had some success. i also resolved to conquer charcoal so i could teach it to my students. once i started seeing success in my charcoal drawings i became hooked and never looked back. it has become an easy quick medium for me. i am a huge fan of it now and it is nice to see that you had some success with it. i encourage you to continue with the charcoal. your drawings are more about dark and light values and not lines. your drawing style is more agreeable to charcoal than pencil.

you said that at the beginning of the drawing it looked horrid. i call that the awkward stage, like the awkward stage all of us experience in our pre-teen years. every work of art i make goes through its awkward stage, usually within the first quarter of the artwork. you just have to recognize that it is the awkward stage and push through it knowing that it will mature into an amazing artwork. i always get frustrated during the awkward stage but i just trust myself to make good artistic decisions that will lead to a good artwork.

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