Day 98

I tried two techniques on this one. My usual side of the pencil broad strokes and, for the faces, thin strokes. I used the tip of the pencil and by applying various pressure to make close parallel lines achieved the shape or shadow. It's a shame, really, as some of the strokes are so light that they do not appear in this photo. This is not a technique I use very often as I rarely like what is produced. However, I like this.


Anonymous said…
are these drawings done on loose sheets of paper? are they all done in one sketchbook? how do you search for images? do you use google images as a search engine? at the beginning of this journey your images were all connected (the human figure). now they seem to be random. how do you decide on an image? what do you look for in an image?
Heilman said…
I have given some thought to the idea of carrying a sketchbook around with me. Yet, as simple an idea as it is, it hasn't manifested into practice. I don't like to carry around too many accessories, and as I have not established a designated time of day to do a drawing I tend to use what is available. Yes, all of these drawings are on separate pieces of paper. Yes, I should bind them together at some point.

Currently, I have a collection of photos stored on my phone (which is what I primarily use for reference, this probably accounts for the smallness of most of my drawings). These photos were chosen at random via "Google images - search: black and white" because they inspire me by the intricacy of detail, the vibrant contrast of light, or the inference of an underlying story or emotion. Although, some drawings are by suggestion; my niece has asked me to do a few imaginary pieces of real life animals/people in peculiar situations bordering on absurdity (RE: Day 92).

I do feel, though, that the randomness of selection gets me off track. Albeit, a drawing is a drawing and a technique is a technique no matter what the subject matter, but the specific techniques used on, say clouds, would be more refined if I set aside a week to do just clouds. I've been thinking a lot about this lately, not clouds, but the exhaustive practice of focused subject matter. When days come and I'm at a loss of what to draw it would be beneficial to have a regimen to fall back on. All the same, I have been enjoying the variety.

With that said, my fortune is that this entire journey has no timeline, destination or expectation. The only prerequisite is that I remain eager to continue and enjoy the ride.

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