15 November 2012

Day 86

This is a complex one. Did I accomplish the task? In my opinion, no. This drawing would have been better if I used charcoal and white charcoal. It's those little droplets of water that made it tough. They all have brilliant white centers. And that I could not accomplish very well with just a pencil. And I think it's not very clear whether the subject is standing behind a wet, foggy window. Maybe a little bit, but I wonder how many people will see that before they read this. I, personally, cannot objectively see this one. I know that there's a window and I think my eyes are seeing it as such. it will be interesting to wait a few weeks and look at it again when I'm further removed.
The original is quite messy and "busy" with too many hard lines. I softened the image in post production and no I will not be uploading the original. I'm not trying to be withholding, I just don't think the technique is all that remarkable.