Day 79

This is just a simple projection. I'll provide a little CAD draft I did to explain what that means:

As time consuming as this may be, at the end I get a true projection. Yes, I measured out each and every plank of wood on this deck just so I could later fill in with black. Sounds counterproductive but the finished product gives a certain amount of textured feel rather than having a flat color. I don't always use a ruler but when I do I draw projections (and really I didn't use a ruler at all it was the edge of a business card). 

So, after all that, which wasn't much. My opinion of this, "Eh." Again I would have preferred my smudgers to my fingers and graphite to a single #2.


Anonymous said…
holy cow! you actually did it for each plank of wood! i have done it for telephone poles or cracks in the sidewalk on simplistic drawings to illustrate a concept to my students but i have never gone to such detail. i just understood the concept and adjusted the distance between objects in order to make the effect "look" as if it is accurate. my hat is off to you for your commitment! but once you shaded it in to give it a mood, you lost the technicality of the effect. that is true craftsmanship: to make things correct even when in the final product nobody will see all the work that went into the effect. what is impressive is you were still able to establish a mood. most of the time with technical drawing we get focused on the precision we forget about the emotions of the work.
Unknown said…
I love both. The first one though is very to me much more detailed and hard. I really am impressed!

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