04 November 2012

Day 75

A suggestion from my wife. She sent this to me in a text and I knew she picked a good one. Naturally she has an impeccable eye for beauty.

As you have seen from yesterday I finished the shading and toning. Some areas were much trickier than others such as the fold around her neck and the garments flow down her right side. I think I did an okay job on that. The ballooned effect on the left and swirled drape down her leg are very pleasing to me. I had to improvise the right foot as the reference photo provided no such foot to look at. Again, I think I did an alright rendition of that. As such with her right hand. What I like most is the suggestion of her body. The photo provided for some indication as the garment is see through but much of it I drew on my own. A lot of the freehand was on account that my angles for everything in this drawing are slightly to very off. With that said, I again, think I tied it up nicely. If a discerning eye was to look at this drawing the owner of that eye might be able to call me out on distortion and skew and if such a person is you please leave a comment. But all in all the shape and linear alignment make some sense.

Now the canvas style paper. Never again, unless I desire such a texture, will I use graphite on canvas. Never.