21 October 2012

Day 61

Day 4 of the "24 Hour Sketch - Halloween" series. This wouldn't be complete without "The Crow". So I'm paying a little tribute to Brandon Lee here.

I wanted to do this quickly. My guess, and I'm no art history major, is this would fall under the umbrella of post-impressionistic. I say this due to the concentration of form and lines. The jacket is simplified to represent just what it is. And in fact was the first thing I sketched out. The face is a concentration on light/shadow and form. Using the edge of the pencil I quickly worked in the shadows and made things darker as I saw fit. This is not saying I didn't use any line. Obviously you can look at the drawing and see line was used. I tried to use a technique my mother told me just yesterday to geometrically shape the face and then with those constraints work in the curves. My understanding of this is through triangulation (a drafting term).

I chose to make this simplified due to the fact that I didn't want to flush out a drawing of a celebrity that didn't look like the person and Brandon Lee in the role of Eric Draven is "realistically" drawn way too much.