13 October 2012

Day 53

So the photo is from somebody who does smoke art. Google it, it's pretty cool stuff. When I sat down to draw this I knew I wanted to do it on black paper. I've never been able to make anything look good on black paper. So needless to say I knew this was going to be a learning experience and I didn't have much for expectations. Secondly, I knew I needed to use a variety of gray tones. I own but have never used my gray pastels. Hell, I've never even used pastels. Again, this was going to be a learning experience. Thirdly, because of the black paper and larger pastel medium, I knew this drawing was going to have to be bigger than the previous 24 Hour Sketches. It's 9"x12". I got nearly done, and not wanting to go too far and ruin the drawing I decided to put fixative on it. That ruined it. It turned splotchy and I could actually see some of the tones disappearing. I waited for it to dry and went back over it. One cool thing about drawing over the fixative is that you can smooth out lines without effecting what is already fixed to the paper. Not good practice, I think, but it worked out in this case. I kind of like how it turned out but it's just not the same as before I sprayed it.