Day 43

I've been thinking about doing this one for about a week or so. Honestly, been kind of scared of it. I didn't have a very good copy of the photo and like the condensed breath of the wolf before this explosion of chalk had me wondering how I would draw it. Nonetheless, I am digging the fine lines and detail I was able to extract from this. I was surprisingly less meticulous about finding every detail and just worked with what I could see. If you take a look at the hands, for instance, they are done with the utmost respect to minimalism. I learned so much from this sketch that by the time I got around to the chalk bits, I didn't worry too much about it. Just worked with what I could see, what looked good, and what made sense. This drawing might be a record breaker, not that I'm keeping stats, with a draw time of about 1 hour. My only complaint is I should have spent more time darkening the background so as to make the image pop a little more. You may be wondering, "Well, why don't you just fix these "complaints" of yours before you post?" Perfection is not the point of this blog.

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