10 September 2012

Day 20

Zooming in... I used the L'Ecorché iPhone app for this detail of the hand as it provides, as the name suggests, no skin, just muscles and bones. I can see myself buying the pro version of this app cause it's just that cool. One thing about this reference that I like better than is that I can swing it around 360°, zoom in incredibly close and of course see the bones! I can do the rotate thing on but only on a web browser supporting flash, and the detail level lacks on the iPhone. Damn, I feel like this is an app review more than a blog about my drawing. The detail in the sketch, as you can see, is definitely there, but the proportions are a little off. This kind of drawing takes practice and I intend on getting better. What I really enjoy is the marriage of the two models that I put together: the bones and muscle together. The little flap hanging off the wrist is my version of what a dorsal carpal ligament might look like if it were severed. I probably should have studied that notion a little better. Well, Enjoy!