02 September 2012

Day 12

As promised, here it is! This one is another small sketch, about an inch and a half square. I was able to wrap this one up in half of an hour. Already I can feel myself growing more confident when I put the pencil down on paper. As such with this sketch, I started out confidently, but about half way I lost my focus on where it was going. This happens from time to time with my artwork but as I push through the misshapen textures of the sketch it does begin to take form and structure. It feels good to triumphantly push through that barrier as the alternative is to crumple up and start again. This one presents itself as a learning tool, I think given the angle at which the pose is taken. The head could be smaller and the hand could be bigger but I'll plead my friend's afore mentioned observation. This, in fact, could be a person with an abnormally large head. Catch you tomorrow, and, please, if you have comments let's hear 'em!